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What Are Interpreting Services?

Interpreting refers to translation in spoken context; i.e, interpreting speech from one language into another. We offer interpreting services from English To Finnish and Finnish to English. Interpreting services are divided into different categories that also affect the pricing. These categories are conference and public service interpreting, as well as simultaneous and consecutive interpreting.

Conference interpreting refers to interpreting in seminars or meetings, for example, while public service interpreting can occur in the context of health care or communicating with foreign authorities.

Simultaneous interpreting and consecutive interpreting are possible in both conference and public service interpreting. Simultaneous interpreting, as the name suggests, occurs simultaneously with the original speech, while consecutive interpreting occurs afterwards.
Interpreting services can be arranged locally face-to-face or via phone or video.

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Simultaneous interpreting can sometimes require special equipment (for example, an interpreting booth, microphones, headsets). Please inform us beforehand if this type of equipment is necessary, and keep in mind that possible rental fees for this type of equipment will be added to the price. We follow the interpreter’s code of ethics set by the Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters in all our interpreting services.