Moiety Translations is a Finnish company that provides translation and language services. The company is led by two young women who share a past as best friends and university classmates. The company and its owners are driven by girl power infused with brand new visions and the courage to do what you love. In fact, Moiety Translations wants to represent bravery and high quality work and as the alumni of the University of Eastern Finland to emphasize the meaning and importance of education. Moiety Translations promises to break the old conventions and habits of the field as well as the stereotypes young, especially female, entrepreneurs often have to face.

The word moiety derives from the two founders of the company, Mira and Emmi. The name of the company also symbolizes equality and sharing responsibilities. Thus, the core of the company is comprised of two equally strong entrepreneurs. Although the company takes pride on the quality of work and is highly professional, humour is a large factor when it comes to running the company. Humour, in fact, has been an essential part of the friendship that has lasted since the freshman year 2014.

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Mira Hiltunen is a Master of Arts (University of Eastern Finland, 2019). Her major was English Language and Translation, while her minor subjects consisted of Literature Studies, Interpreting Studies, and Japanese. As Mira enjoyes being creative, she is interested in translating fiction, but thanks to her other side that is interested in chemistry and biology, she is also ready to dive into the world of scientific texts. In her free time, Mira loves to read and play video games. Both of these activities also improve her competences as a translator and Mira has even studied video game subtitling in her Master’s Thesis. In addition to all of this, Mira has even had time to be a competitive cheerleader for nine years which ensures that she also has experience from the world of competitive sports. Career-wise, Mira has the most experience in interpreting and editing, while she would love to improve as an interpreter but also as a subtitler.

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Emmi Ikäheimo is a Master of Arts in English Language and Translation (University of Eastern Finland, 2019). During her studies, Emmi minored in Swedish, Interpreting Studies, and Media Culture and Communication Studies. Emmi is known to be a hard worker and she has, in fact, worked both as a translator and interpreter as well as in completely different duties. As a translator, Emmi has worked with texts related to medicine, health, and well-being the most while also showing off her talents in translating fiction. In her free time, Emmi enjoys exercising and improving her well-being, so it is more than fitting that she has worked with these topics. Her previous career as a Sales Advisor has given Emmi a versatile fashion, marketing and sales vocabulary. In the future, Emmi would like to work also as a court interpreter, and thus improving her competence in law and crime related texts is one of Emmi’s passions. Subtitling is also one of her interests.